Data protection and Exclusion of guarantee and liability

Data protection

The crisis managers' and their representatives' contact data stored in the crisis-manager database serves the sole purpose of facilitating contacts to companies in crisis, to their responsible crisis managers and their representatives.

The Lebensmittelverband Deutschland attaches great importance to the security of contact data, as provided by users of the crisis-manager database, for crisis managers and their representatives, as well as to the security of stored information about individual operational sites / branch locations, including postal codes, German state (Land), type of business involved and product category.

For this reason, and in keeping with the intent behind the database, such data is stored solely for the purpose of enabling access-authorised persons to view it and to use it to make necessary contacts in crisis situations. Under no circumstances may such data be processed and used for other purposes. Needless to say, database data may not be provided to third parties.

All persons authorised to access the crisis-manager database promise to use the database data only for the purposes for which the database was established.

The Lebensmittelverband Deutschland stores name, email and telephone number (company) of crisis managers in a separate address database solely for administrative purposes, to ensure the functionality of the crisis manager database and to enable contact to companies and contact persons entered into the database.

Consent: If personal data has been entered into the crisis-manager database on the legal basis of consent (Article 6 (1) a DSGVO), the data subject has the right to revoke this consent at any time.

Revocation: In case of a documented consent revocation, the corresponding data set will be removed from the database without delay. Already shared information of that data set is not affected by the consent revocation, as it was processed at a time of an existing and valid consent and falls under Article 7 (3) sentence 2 DSGVO.

Your personal data stored will be deleted regardless of a revocation if it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was stored or if you revoke your consent to your data being stored. Data will also be deleted if its storage is not permitted for other legal reasons.

You may request detailed information on your personal data stored at any time. Please contact us. E-Mail:

Furthermore you can find detailed information regarding privacy and the handling of your personal data on the general privacy statement of the website of the Lebensmittelverband Deutschland

Exclusion of guarantee and liability

The Lebensmittelverband Deutschland provides no guarantee, and assumes no liability, for the correctness, currentness or completeness of the data entered into the database and thus made available, which data administrators enter for their own companies.

The Lebensmittelverband Deutschland accepts no responsibility for any unauthorised use of data by access-authorised persons in participating companies, laboratories, associations or lawyers.

Furthermore, the Lebensmittelverband Deutschland assumes no liability for any damages incurred by users of the crisis-manager database, including damages to computer systems or caused by data loss.

Status as of June 2022

As at: 01.06.2022
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